Monday, January 9, 2012

LED lamp, where the way is?

Since the sense of environmental spreads widely, people prefer to choose a “green life style” which is energy conservation. According to this, specialists forecast the development of LED lamp should be a lot of worthy.

What’s the strange thing is that the clients still prefer the incandescent lamps even when the technology of LED is highly developed. Of course, the price is a big factor for clients to choose. Generally, LED lamps cost twice more than the incandescent lamps. While recently years, LED lamps tend to be cheaper and cheaper, but few of customers will choose LED lamps.

Concerning about the research result, the mainly reason is the packing file. Normally, clients can’t distinguish which product is better just based on the LED lamp packing. So if we have a standard to be shown on the packing file, maybe our customer can decide which one they really need instead of buying the lamp they have to take a risk.

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