Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Europe ask for solutions face to the boom of LED lighting

Just to reminder you the context, as in other continents of the world, the decision had been taken to phase out the sale of traditional light bulbs in the European Union. The deadline is September of 2012. This means that during the next years it’s about 8 billion of incandescent lamps in European homes, offices and streets that will need to be replaced by more energy efficient lighting solutions. Nowadays, LED lighting is one of the most energy-efficient and versatile forms of lighting, it allows saving up to 70% energy and money compared to other lighting technologies. These include LED and organic LED (or OLED) lighting technologies also known as Solid State Lighting (SSL).

The point is that the European Commission have adopted a Green Paper and launched a public consultation on the future of LED-based lighting. In its Green Paper "Lighting the Future" the Commission proposes measures to speed up the deployment of this innovative and eco-friendly lighting that saves energy and money while offering a good quality of light. Faster LED deployment will ensure the global leadership position of the European lighting industry and help reduce energy use from lighting by 20% by 2020.

But the LED lighting still has some challenges, like the high purchase prices, lack of familiarity among potential users and a lack of common standards. As a result, a consultation will run until 29 February 2012 to collect feedback on the Commission's ideas.

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