Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thank You for Visiting HomeLights at the Batibouw 2012 in Belgium

The Batibouw 2012, the biggest fair in Belgium for home products (building and renovation), was brought to a successful close. It was a wonderful platform to make a real market study with over 300,000 visitors and the end-users of our products during the 11 days of exhibition.

Thank you for visiting HomeLights at the Batibouw 2012, HomeLights took this opportunity not only to present our latest innovative lighting solutions and technology, but also to get a first study and feedback from customers who bought our products at the fair. We are very happy, that these 11 days, more than 100 hours fair, enabled our team of 6 people to communicate with the end consumers directly and to get instant and priceless suggestions.

Besides, it is surprising and we are delighted that we could sell around 10 kits of Clip n’Slide on the fair which haven’t been under production yet. And we are also excited by the super good reception by our end-users.

Thanks to this fair, primary ranges of HomeLights and new innovative LED solutions were presented to our end users from all over the world which wanted to enter the LED market. HomeLights will definitely focus more on R&D of LED products to be a successful part of the LED market.

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